Ten Essential Skills

Gear without skills is dead weight. In 2010, The Mountaineers revised the Ten Essentials for a list of items to a list of functional systems. What skills are needed to actually use these essentials?

The New Ten Essentials—A Systems Approach was published in Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 8th Edition. The list was first formulated in the 1930’s as a tool to increase safety for climbers on Mount Rainier.

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Flickery Flame Kit for Electronics Merit Badge

This looks like a great kit for Electronics merit badge. If I count correctly, it has 26 through-hole solder joints. Half the components are resistors, which work even if you put them in backwards.

The result is an LED-powered flame-like flickering light. I am pretty sure this is a “control device circuit”, as described in requirement 4a.

photo of flickery flame kit

The kit is around $6, depending on how many you order. Check out the Evil Mad Scientist Flickery Flame Soldering Kit.

There is also a Solderless Flickery Flame Kit for around $9. But where is the fun in that?