Gossamer Gear Riksak at Philmont

A daypack is pretty useful on a Philmont trek, but only if it is really light. The Gossamer Gear Riksak is 2.9 ounces and doubles as a stuff sack. It is made of silnylon and costs $30.


At $35 and 4.6 ounces, the Gossamer Gear Riksak 2 is made of tougher material and has proper shoulder straps instead of slippery silnylon sleeves. That could be a worthwhile tradeoff if your side hike is more than a mile or so.

Why a daypack on a backpacking trip? Every Philmont crew does a three hour conservation project. You could empty out your pack, but all you need for “cons” is rain gear, a first aid kit, and water, so a daypack is perfect. Side trips for peak bagging are pretty common on Philmont itineraries, so a daypack is great for those, after you bear bag the smellables, of course.

Once you have a daypack with you, it is just the thing for a the ten essentials and a camera for all the Philmont activities. It is also handy for heading across base camp, or even on the trip to Philmont.

If I was choosing the best daypack for a hike, it wouldn’t be the original Riksak and might not be the Riksak 2. But as an extra item to carry on an twelve day 50+ mile trek, they are just right.


3 thoughts on “Gossamer Gear Riksak at Philmont

  1. When my son went to Philmont a couple years ago they were encouraged to bring a day pack or fanny pack for this purpose. We discussed the options and he decided to forego the added equipment. The pack he was carrying was right at 2 lbs and had compression straps.

    The choice worked out well and he did not miss the daypack. When they climbed Baldy he was asked to carry the first aid kit and a cake the rangers had provided since he was the only scout carrying a regular pack. He didn’t mind and seems to enjoy telling the story.

    The fanny pack we had available weighed about twice the Rik Sak though. Having a small pack for base camp and traveling to Philmont is a good idea..


  2. I keep a Riksak2 in the bag I use for bike commuting and grocery trips (Mountainsmith’s no-longer-available Backcountry Office). I can throw a few more grocery items in the Riksak and put it on my back above the Mountainsmith fanny pack. I also use it as a small gym bag when I travel. I think it is a great bag for lots of things.


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