Happy Birthday to Loken (and me)!

Last Friday Loken was three and I was fifty plus Loken’s age. We both had lovely birthdays, though I think Loken’s days are all pretty fine.

Loken got some fine presents, a new bone (from Kevin), a new toy (from Kevin’s class), and a new Public Display of Affection from the whole family. Can you spot it in this picture?


As a bonus, I only had to wait 20 minutes at the Los Gatos DMV office to pick up the new plates. Without an appointment.

Loken is learning the “go to Kevin” command. On Saturday, he did it impromptu, no big setup or chance to smell the treats. Kevin told him “Loken, here”, so I slipped Kevin a couple of dog treats and gave the command. Loken was there at light speed, a big difference from the casual (but obedient) pace we are used to.

Loken continues to be Kevin’s best friend and the best dog in the world. Just ask Kevin.

Your call may be recorded …

You know you are about to talk to a human when you get the warning “your call may be recorded …”. It took about 30 minutes and four different phone numbers to get to that point after our AT&T U-Verse service went out at 4:45PM. A bit over four hours later, we’re reconnected to the tubes.

We have a technician visit scheduled for tomorrow between 8 and 12, but I have no way to tell AT&T that our connection works now. Sigh.

So why don’t they know that we are down? Why can’t they say that we were off line at 4:43 and traceroute fails at the San Antonio Road DSLAM? That technology is two decades old. I know, because I was doing it then.

Time passes. We are now upgraded to a “chronic outage” and have a competent senior tech visiting our house. He is sufficiently senior that he doesn’t have to wear an AT&T shirt. He also does clever things, like running a second line through our back yard rather than crawling under the house. I like this guy.

So, Internet, phone, and TV were down for five days. We have some sort of continuing interference problem between our DVD player and the broadband, where we can’t have the DVD player plugged in if we want any service at all. This is new, so I don’t think that our DVD player went rogue on Sunday afternoon.

I’ll be putting my EE degree and long-expired amateur radio license expertise to work solving that. On the plus side, we learned that TV is not essential to daily life, at least for a stretch of a few days.

And woot! Internet!

The Truth About Working at Home

Editorial Ass posts a conversation about becoming a full-time housewife.

RM: I hate this grocery store. It’s ALWAYS packed! I HATE it here. I want to move to a different neighborhood where you can go shopping after 5 pm or on weekends.

YT: I have an idea. How about I quit my job and become a housewife? Then I’ll have time during the day to go shopping when it’s not crowded.

RM: Let me tell you how that would work out. You wouldn’t make it to the store. You would blog, watch Netflix, and not wear any pants. That’s what would happen.

Glad to do my part, here at Netflix. The comments are fun, too, so head on over there.

Hmm, and I’ve been doing my own Fill-in-the-Gaps Project for a decade or so, maybe I should post some of the progress.

Most Popular Netflix Movie in Palo Alto

Kinda recursive, but true:

Palo alto ca

Check out Palo Alto, CA at Netflix or at the official site. The writer, director, and producer are 2005 graduates of Palo Alto High School and the movie was shot on location. Big surprise. Here is a story about it from their high school newspaper, The Paly Voice.

Palo Alto hasn’t been this famous since The Donnas and Chelsea Clinton.

Check out your own local favorites at Netflix.