Advisors to the National Court of Honor, 1919

It is hard to grasp how prestigious the Boy Scouts were in the early days, but this table of advisors for merit badges gives some idea. Luther Burbank, Teddy Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot, John Philip Sousa, Charles Schwab, Thomas Edison, this was like having Bill Gates, John McPhee, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Warren Buffett as advisors today.

This list is from the 1919 BSA annual report. As a rough guide to their prominence, I’ve linked to a Wikipedia page for each person where I could find one. Over 2/3 of them have Wikipedia pages. A few more have New York Times obits or well-known publications.

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The New Camp Cookbook

Want to take your car-camping meals up a notch? Maybe two? The New Camp Cookbook is your book. I made four of these recipes at home and all were keepers. They’d be knockouts on a picnic table.

New camp cookbook

I made these:

  • Sweet potato and pancetta hash
  • Tuscan beans and greens
  • Chorizo and chickpea stew
  • Moroccan spinach, chickpea, and pancetta bowl

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