How big is a Scout neckerchief?

Note: Updated Jan 2011 with the new larger BSA neckerchief size. Updated again Sep 2018 with new URLs and the 2015 edition of the ANSI standard.

The BSA’s Insignia Guide says this about the size and shape of the neckerchief, “Official neckerchiefs are triangular in shape.” There is a more info about how to wear it, who chooses the neckerchief (the troop), who approves special neckerchiefs (the council), and so on. It does say that special neckerchiefs are “the same size as official ones”. Oddly, they don’t say what size that is.

How to wear neckerchief

So I researched it. One reason to have a bigger neckerchief is so it can be used as a triangular bandage, so I also checked the common sizes for those, including the ANSI-standard size.

Source Shape Side Diag.
BSA 1926-1931 [1] Square 32 45
BSA 1938 [2] Square 30 42
BSA through 2010 [3] Triangle 29 41
BSA 2011 Triangle 35 49.5
Scouts UK, modern (Wood Badge) [3] Triangle 30.5 43
Chief Neckerchief (reg.) Triangle 31 44
Chief Neckerchief (large) Triangle 34 48
Moritz Standard Triangle 35 49.5
Moritz Cub Scout Triangle 25 37
Scoutneckers, UK (child) Triangle 27.5 39
Scoutneckers, UK (adult) Triangle 34 48
Just Neckers (Zone West), Canada (small) Triangle 18 36
Just Neckers (Zone West), Canada (med.) Triangle 23 46
Just Neckers (Zone West), Canada (large) Triangle 27 57
Just Neckers (Zone West), Canada (X-large) Triangle 30 60
Stadri Triangle 30 42
Traditional Scouting Square 32 45
Troop 151, Georgetown, TX Triangle 31 44
Triangular bandage Triangle 36 51
Large triangular bandage (ANSI Z308.1-2015) Triangle 40 56
  1. U.S. Scouting Collectibles, George Cuhaj, 2001, p 79. Neckerchiefs are describes as “Full Square, 28 x 32”. I am assuming that the cloth has shrunk along one axis of the weave. Other neckerchiefs are described as “Full Square 32 x 32”.
  2. Handbook for Scoutmasters, 1938, p 292. “of cotton, 30 inches square (or triangular in shape, cut diagonally from such a square), in plain or combination colors, as selected by the Troop, District, or Council.”
  3. Personal neckerchiefs, I made the measurements.

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