Don’t judge a book by its cover

Do these cover designs look familiar? Perhaps like a recent massive, multi-volume bestseller? No, not Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Nice try, but you can’t beat the original window cut-out cover on that last one.

Also, one of the best review titles ever, part of a series revisiting books you read as a kid, this time, Flowers in the Attic, “He Ain’t Sexy, He’s My Brother”.

Operation Beautiful

Two days ago, a student at my son’s high school committed suicide on the train tracks near our house. This is the fourth student suicide at that spot in six months. The Mercury-News article said it well, it “renewed a sense of shock and helplessness” in the community.

The Gunn students are shocked, but they are certainly not acting helpless. They continue to do smart things, reaching out, talking, trying to make Gunn a better place for teens. They did this after the first suicide and have not given up.

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Best Version of Windows Ever

Sorry to be negative on a Monday, but when the lede on reviews of Windows 7 is “best version ever”, that is very bad news. That is the buzz for a service pack, not for a major release. Is it news that it didn’t get worse?

“Best version ever” is not even as strong as “sucks less”. It might mean there is some groovy new feature you will never use. For example, explain to me how “aero shake” is better than Option-Command-H. Shaking titlebars with the mouse multiple times a day? I can feel my wrist hurt already.

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