That Game Boy Groove

I just got hooked on 8-bit music, made with sequencers on reprogrammed Game Boys, like Nanoloop and Little Sound DJ. I’ve never been that interested in video games, but this is some fun music, with a Zelda Dance Party groove.

Right now, I’m listing to “In the Dark” by Boy vs. Bacteria. The band seems to be one guy in Sweden. Whee!

For a sampler playlist, check out DJ Octobit at This Spartan Life.

Some of the musical transitions don’t quite make sense to me, but that is probably because I haven’t played the game. Everyone knows the music changes when you leave the meadow. Or something.

Some Specific, Non-boring Teaching Methods

Clarke Green has posted a series of articles titled Instructional Methods for Scouts. These are great for learning in Scouts, but they certainly aren’t limited to that. Teaching teenage boys is a special challenge, mostly because they haven’t learned to be quiet and polite when they are bored out of their skulls. If you’d like to move beyond boring your students, give these a try.

  1. Introduction
  2. Round Robins
  3. Guided Discovery
  4. Coach and Pupil
  5. Kim’s Game and Variations
  6. Circle Up!
  7. Preparing
  8. Who Instructs?

Or, get the whole thing as a PDF.