Ultralight Multi-Use Potty Trowel

Inspired by this post, I decided to do a somewhat simpler version. Using an SMC snow stake (or “Sno-Stake”), I glued a wine cork in as a handle using silicone seal.


I used a rubber band as a clamp and let it cure for a few hours.


Then I used some of my vintage cloth bicycle handlebar tape to wrap it.


Voila! A 36g (just over 1 oz.) potty trowel that you can also use as a tent stake when you hit a sandy spot. And it won’t break like those orange plastic trowels. And it is cheaper. And lighter.


And it was two dollars for the snow stake, plus a spare wine cork and some ends of handlebar tape. You could use duct tape, if that’s what you’ve got. A Scout is Thrifty.

Update: Worked great at Philmont. The narrow strong shape was really effective for making catholes in the mixed rock and soil there. Didn’t need to use it as a tent stake because we didn’t run into any seriously soft ground. They concentrate use in established campsites, so the dirt is packed hard.