Backpacking: Boulder Creek Scout Reservation

Backpacking BCSR

The Hike

Loop trail, 3.5 miles total, about 600 feet of uphill to the campsite and returning.
Camp in a spacious redwood grove. I prefer the Upper Redwood campsite to Lower Redwood or Meadow. Meadows are lumpy and cold. Upper Redwood is just a little nicer.

Why Go Here?

It is a nearby, easy trail, and easy to get reservations. It is a year-round trail, though it could be cold and rainy in the winter.
The redwood grove is a lovely spot with tons of room for patrols to spread out. There are other campsites at the lower end of the redwood grove and in the meadow, but I like the Upper Redwood Camp best. Meadows look nice, but they are lumpy to sleep on.

Reservations and Planning

Reserve the site through Pacific Skyline Council. It is best to avoid camporee weekends when the parking will be over 100% full.
It can be wet and cold there in the winter and you can get plenty of fog drip from the redwoods in the summer, but that is part of being there.

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