Backpacking: Black Diamond Mines

The Hike

About three miles from the parking lot with 300 feet of climbing and 150 feet of descent, reversed on the return trip. The destination is the Stewartville Backpack Camp.

Why Go Here?

I haven’t visited this one, but it looks like a nice campsite with a fairly easy hike, plus some interesting historical sites, including a mine tour.

The camp site is a single group site, so you’ll be on your own. Redwood HIkes says:

Stewartville is a single-site trail camp at the edge of a huge, sweeping cow pasture. The vast swath of open, gently sloping grassland, which is a strikingly deep green in spring, is often dotted with cows. It kind of feels like you’re a cowpoke camping on the range.

Reservations and Planning

$5 per night per person plus $8 booking fee. Open all year.
Reserve by calling East Bay Parks at 1-888-327-2757.

Links and Resources


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