Troop 4014’s First Hike

I learned a new park today, thanks to the girls in Troop 4014. We had a lovely hike at Edgewood Park in Redwood City. I’d never been there, but I’ll be back.

Trail in Edgewood Park

The Scouts chose the route, did all of the map reading and direction finding, and got us back to the trailhead without any fuss. I carried a map, but only looked at it once.

Finding the route

We saw lots of wildflowers, a darkling beetle (one inch long), and three western fence lizards.

Edgewood park western fence lizard

Here is our track. It was 2.14 miles with an elevation gain of 435 feet. It was a nature hike with lots of stops, so we weren’t trying to eat up the miles.

Edgewood Park GPS track

See you on the trail!

3 thoughts on “Troop 4014’s First Hike

  1. Walter, found your lovely website thru a bit of googling for advice on backpacking around Mission Peak. Our Troop (2)400 – the two is silent – is a new linked troop of roughly a dozen girls in Cupertino. The girls are going on their first beginning backpacking trip to Sunol this weekend. I wanted to do some reading and give them some more options so we can continue backpacking nearby. I think I recognize one of these photos from a facebook post to one of the girls-in-scoutsBSA pages.
    Anyways just waving hello and thanks for the great info!
    -Rena Takahashi (Polaris district, T400)


  2. Sunol is a great backpacking trip. I recently hiked the McCorkle Trail to the Sunol backpack area, and it is significantly harder than taking the trail along Alameda Creek. That is the Ohlone Camp Road to the Backpack Road. The McCorkle Trail is a bit more scenic, but I’d go for the easier, more sure win on a first outing.

    Have a great time!

    I need to write that up as one of my (rather infrequent) posts on short backpacking trips for Scouts.


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