Self Portrait Series, Continued

One of the assignments in my college photography class was a self portrait. I shot a series of reflective portraits, my imprint on things like my leather bike seat, the soles of my shoes, and the fading on my jeans. This is another in that series.

Tina didn’t like the orange-hued leather of my iPhone case when I first got it, but it has darkened as I held it and my skin oils worked into the surface. The frame broke in one area, so I replaced it with the same model, but you can see the effect of my hand holding the leather over two years.

Guess which is old and which is new.

IPhone case

Thanks to Peter Brown for making an introvert shoot self portraits. And the real winner from that series wasn’t the imprints, but a straight shot of myself where I wrote the enlarger exposure on the front of the print instead of the back. I’ll post that sometime.

The background? That is a cube-crate from Ski Hut. It is sized just right for LP records. It says “Ski Hut” and below that “Berkeley” and “Palo Alto”. We have two of those, serving as end tables in the family room.


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