BSA Youth Protection and E-mail

Our troop has an e-mail alias that can be CC’ed for any communication between an adult and a Scout. To satisfy the “no one-on-one contact” rule, we respond to a Scout’s e-mail CC’ing yp@our-troop. The mail goes to the Scoutmaster and the Committee Chair.

I do this all the time, even when working at a District level, approving Eagle Scout service projects.

The Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Guidelines and Social Media Guidelines are online.

1 thought on “BSA Youth Protection and E-mail

  1. This is a great idea ! I am going to recommend this practice at our next Roundtable. I always CC the parents and their Scoutmaster (for District Communications) so there is never any doubt about what I said.

    This adds a nice layer of protection for all those involved.

    Great Idea !


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