Aspirational Eating

No, that isn’t where you suck food into your lungs. That would be Heimlich eating.

Paul Kedrosky has a post linking P.F. Chang’s locations to subprime lending. He calls P.F. Chang’s an “aspirational restaurant, sort of the eating equivalent of ‘prosumer’ electronics.” It is a short post, but rich with wonderful phrases that evoke living beyond your means, like “intermittently monied”, “prosumer”, “middle class stretch”, and “subprime-hit”. Great finger-on-the-pulse stuff.

Off-topic note: I’ve been writing HTML since 1995 and this is the first time I’ve wanted nested hrefs. I felt I should link “P.F. Chang’s” inside the reference to Kedrosky’s blog. If dumb ol’ HTML links were good enough for twelve years of my use, they are probably good enough for everyone. Sorry about that, XLink and Ted Nelson.

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