The Buddy System

Scoutmaster Minute for Troop 14, February 13, 2007

You know the buddy system, right? You learned that for Tenderfoot. Stick together in groups of two or three for safety.

Today, I heard about a group of seven buddies in Minnesota. They started Scouts together and made a promise that they would stick with it and get Eagle together. Last week, they did that.

Having a buddy for your big goals, or small ones, really helps. Right now, several of you are working on the first aid merit badge. Don’t just go to the class, go with a buddy. Work together, help each other, and make a deal that you are both going to finish the badge.

Get a buddy. Get it done.

The seven new Eagle Scouts are from Troop 224, Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Well done, Scouts.

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