Very Fine Junk Science and Public Health Blog

Wow, just found Junkfood Science. Rigorous debunking of public policy about health. The recent articles focus on the childhood obesity overreaction, but I was drawn in by this carefully researched article on EMF regulation and MRI exams.

That article starts off with people freaking out about Wi-Fi, but moves on to the EU publishing EMF exposure rules which effectively prohibit MRI tests. This is a double whammy for that technology. It started off as “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”, an accurate term which scared people because it sounded nookyooler and might make them radioactive. The industry reacted nimbly and renamed it “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”, simultaneously preserving their profit and making a valuable diagnostic tool available to the ignorant.

Long article, but plenty of data for why the precautionary principle is bad policy.

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