Plans for Sundance 2008

We had a fun time at the Sundance Film Festival last year and we’re going again. Lodging is expensive and the ticket process is a hassle, but the festival itself is great. Park City is a lovely place, everyone is nice, and there are so many good films (and a few odd ones) that you might never see otherwise.

We didn’t get many of our first choices for tickets this year, but we are still seeing plenty of interesting stuff:



  • Patti Smith: Dream of Life — this one was my choice
  • Yasukuni — a documentary about the controversial shrine in Japan
  • Dramatic Grand Prize Award — the prizewinners were great last year


  • Shorts Award Winners — we really enjoyed the shorts last year
  • Dramatic Audience Award — because we have popular taste, at least Sundance style

Our tickets are mostly for documentaries, so we don’t expect overlap between those and the prize winners.

Other movies we’d like to see:

Yikes! Too many interesting films! Hmm, we have a fair overlap with Michael Rubin’s choices.

If you feel an urge to track Sundance, I like the coverage at Cinematical’s Sundance section.

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