Colin Fletcher

I just read in Tom Mangan’s blog that Colin Fletcher died June 12th. There is a heart-felt obit at

Colin Fletcher’s gift to us was to bring us into his own solo hiking world. His walks and his gear were totally personal, which encouraged us to think for ourselves, make our own choices, and then get out in the woods or deserts or mountains.

Last week, my son received The Thousand Mile Summer and The Man Who Walked Through Time as birthday gifts. They were from my dad (his grandfather) at my suggestion. My dad and I read those when I was my son’s age, before our backpacking trips in the Pecos Wilderness. Now my son can read them before our Skyline to the Sea father-son backpacking trip. I think I’ll re-read them myself.

Colin Fletcher was a solo hiker to the end, with no children of his own, but his walks are part of our family tradition, now to the third generation. Thanks, Colin.

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