Bookshelf for a New Scoutmaster

When I started as an Assistant Scoutmaster, I immediately bought and read the BSA Scoutmaster’s Handbook cover-to-cover. What a disappointment. Too heavy to take with you and not much useful in it anyway. It doesn’t describe the responsibilities of the Scoutmaster or any of the youth leadership positions. You don’t even need it for the […]

The Five Promises of Scouting

The Scout Law, the Scout Oath, the methods and aims of Scouting; all these are things the Scout is supposed to do. What does Scouting do for the boy? The eleventh edition of the Boy Scout Handbook started with a list of five things that Scouting promises to each Scout. I used these promises as […]

The Buddy System

Scoutmaster Minute for Troop 14, February 13, 2007 You know the buddy system, right? You learned that for Tenderfoot. Stick together in groups of two or three for safety. Today, I heard about a group of seven buddies in Minnesota. They started Scouts together and made a promise that they would stick with it and […]

Steve Irwin

Scoutmaster Minute for Troop 14, September 12, 2006 Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, died last week. People had a lot of opinions about him, but one thing that everyone agreed on was that he loved what he did. He loved wildlife and he loved being close to it. You are lucky if you find something […]

My Gear List for the Emigrant and Hoover Wilderness Trek

Prodded by Scoutmaster Jerry’s post “So what’s in my backpack?”, here is what I carried on our eight-day trek in the Hoover and Emigrant. My base weight (not counting food and water) is on the lightweight side at under 25 pounds, but with at least five pounds of gear that other people might not bring, […]